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General information on the Handi service for suppliers

The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) provides the accounting units with centralised services for the Handi service.

How do the suppliers see the Handi Service?

The suppliers can use a supplier portal, which includes the following:

  • Product catalogue maintenance functions
  • Receiving orders, order confirmations
  • Invoicing (small and foreign suppliers)
  • Invoice phase monitoring
  • Interaction with the customer, including price and availability queries
  • A PunchOut interface to the supplier’s online store
  • Reverse requisition proposal
  • Delivering an order message to the supplier’s sales system, delivering an order by email to an address mutually agreed upon

Support for the implementations and use of the Handi service

The accounting unit notifies Palkeet of any new suppliers. The Services Centre is responsible for the supplier register maintenance operations and the Handi service. The Services Centre is responsible for the implementation support for suppliers and carrying out the implementation operations together with the supplier.

Registration of a supplier in Handi

The Services Centre invites all government suppliers to register as users of the supplier portal in the Handi service. After receiving the registration link, the supplier must enter the requested information on their organisation and users. The Services Centre activates and approves the supplier as a portal user.

Product catalogues, interfaces, and reverse requisition proposal

Suppliers can submit online product catalogues in the Handi service:

  • using an Excel product catalogue template,
  • directly in XML form through integration via an operator,
  • by means of an external product catalogue, i.e. PunchOut interface, or
  • by maintaining the product catalogue in the supplier portal.

The construction of a new PunchOut/interface is started by setting up a launching meeting with the Services Centre, supplier, and the accounting unit.
The supplier can send the requisition proposal to Handi for factual verification and approval by the customer. The construction of a reverse requisition proposal is started by setting up a launching meeting with the Services Centre, supplier, and the accounting unit.

Support for the ordering and supply process and deviation management

The Services Centre is responsible for the support and guidance of the suppliers, and examining any deviations.

Monitoring and support of the invoice automation

The Services Centre is responsible for the automation related to government invoice processing, and the related monitoring. If an invoice is not automatically allocated to an order or contract, the Services Centre will find out why. If the invoice contains errors or insufficient information, the Services Centre contacts the supplier directly for correcting the errors.

Invoice requirements:

  • To enable invoice automation, invoices must always contain the Government order number and/or the requisition contract number.
  • UBL 2.1 can be used as the delivery format for order messages.
  • Beginning to use the Finvoice 3.0 invoice format according to the national schedule.