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Comprehensively serving the entire Finnish public administration system

The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) is a major provider of group services in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance. The goal of Palkeet is to promote the functionality of public administration by providing high-quality and cost-efficient support and expert services in the fields of finance and human resources. We operate as an internal public administration service provider.

Our customers include nearly all central government agencies and departments, with customership ultimately decided by the Finnish Parliament. The size of our customer agencies varies significantly, from a few employees up to 15,000 employees. Our customer agencies are also diverse, ranging from basic agencies to funds and from courts to research institutions.

Palkeet strives to ensure a good customer experience in service and production solutions from three perspectives:

  • Developing services and functionalities
  • Ease of use of services
  • Customer support in service situations

We make the future efficient and functional together with our customers.