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The new Handi Service

The Handi service reforms ordering and invoice processing, and is part of the digitalisation of the Government’s requisition processes. The aim of the digitalisation of requisitions is to ensure that the requisitions are managed and processed professionally, supporting the core operations, and that the digital requisition process is open and smooth all the way. The Handi service also simplifies and unifies operating methods, increasing efficiency and transparency. The results are useful to the Government, offices, and individual civil servants, as well as suppliers and citizens.

The service will shift the point of emphasis to the ordering phase, after which the order and invoice will be processed largely automatically. The Handi service is produced by the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR Palkeet. The aim is that in two years, 90% of purchase invoices are processed entirely automatically. By centralising and digitalising the entire requisition process, we can save millions of euros of our shared funds from 2020 onwards. This way, we can ensure the uninterrupted operation of our finances and HR services, as the currently used Tilha and Rondo are left out of use.

Essential to promote automation

The promotion of automation in requisitions and ordering is an essential task of the agencies, supported by group actors.
 After the Handi service has been introduced, the expansion of automation is continued towards the automation level goals of each agency.

There are a total of approximately 60 Handi implementations.

The progress of the implementations and the development of the service system are also monitored in the Handi newsletter and the Tiimeri work space. The newsletter is intended for people who are already using the service or will start using it soon, but future users of the Handi service can also order it by emailing

The implementation of the Handi service is also visible to all suppliers of products or services to government agencies. Instructions for such suppliers are available on the Palkeet website.