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The Kieku solution for shared financial administration and human resources processes

The Kieku solution contains shared financial administration and human resources processes, the shared Kieku system, and it implements the shared public administration monitoring target model.

Of human resources processes, the Kieku solution contains employment relationship management, management of working hours, payroll and competence management. The Kieku information system contains six human resources administration applications, which include Kieku personnel administration (SAP HCM), Service time calculation, Holiday planning, Time management, Working time allocation (SAP CATS) and Salaries.

The following financial administration processes are contained in Kieku: Revenue processing, Expense processing, Accounting and Internal accounting. The financial administration features of the Kieku information system are based on a single financial administration application, Kieku financial administration (SAP FICO). Financial reporting is implemented both in the SAP FICO and the SAP BI application.

Online trade and the approval and debiting of expense receipts are left outside Kieku financial administration. Connections can be established between Kieku and external point-of-sale and invoicing systems as well as online store systems, if necessary. The approval of expense receipts is carried out in the Rondo invoice and document recycling and archiving system. The archivable documents from human resources and financial administration are archived using Rondo.

In connection with commissioning the Kieku solution, the accounting units implemented a shared financial information monitoring target model for public administration. A total of fourteen monitoring targets have been specified, two of which can be selected freely by the agencies and another two which can be taken into use later, if necessary. The monitoring targets include both shared, group level and accounting unit specific targets.

Technical information on Kieku

The Kieku information system is based on existing SAP and CGI products.

The Kieku basic system:

  • Kieku financial administration (SAP FICO)
  • Kieku personnel administration (SAP HCM)
  • Salaries (CGI Palkat)
  • Time management (CGI Ajanhallinta)
  • Service time calculation (CGI Palveluaikalaskenta)
  • Holiday planning (CGI Lomasuunnittelu)
  • Working time allocation (SAP CATS)

The analysis reporting of the Kieku information system is implemented with SAP Business Intelligence (BI). In addition to this, SAP BI has been used to implement certain standard reports on financial statements, for example.

Kieku has connections to the shared information systems Handi, Tahti and travel management (M2). In the future, an interface to the point-of-sale system will also be established.