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Palkeet organisation

Palkeet is headed by Managing Director Tuija Kuivalainen. Palkeet's organisation is divided into ten service units as of 1 May 2021.

Customer at the heart of the operation. Service units and directors are listed below.

Palkeet units and directors

  • Financial services: Minna Korpela, director, financial services
  • HR services: Soile Röppänen, director, HR services
  • Customers, services and quality: Kirsi-Marja Kauppinen, director, customers, services and quality
  • Services for limited company and corporate customers: Tuomas Watia, director, limited company and corporate customers
  • ICT services: Juha Koljonen, director, ICT services
  • Strategic Development, Helena Lappalainen, director, strategic development
  • Finance, internal supervision and auditing: Birgitt Karhusaari, director, finance, internal supervision and auditing
  • General administration: Timo Kallio, director, general administration
  • HR
  • Communications and interest group relations: Mia Hällström, communications manager

Management group

Palkeet’s management group supports leadership, development and preparatory work.

Advisory board

Palkeet's management is also supported by an advisory board, which steers the development of Palkeet's operations and policies and makes initiatives associated with them. The advisory board supplements Palkeet's own expertise, offers an outside perspective, and supports management in evaluating and developing strategy and business operations and in benchmarking, for example. The advisory board is appointed by the Ministry of Finance for a maximum term of four years at a time.

Customer committee

Palkeet’s customer committee is a key operator in the cooperation between the customers and the Service Centre. The objective of the customer committee is to support the further development of the Service Centre's services, operating models and systems and brainstorm and develop new services from the perspective of the customer. It also serves as an important  communication channel in gathering information about the expectations of and changes in customer agencies as well as potential development areas. The customer committee can also be harnessed to promote the implementation of changes to financial and HR services in ministries and agencies as well as assess the implementation of these changes.