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Customers involved in the service centre's operations

Palkeet's organisation is divided into two Service Units (Eastern and Western) as well a Customer Relationship Unit, an Administrative Unit, an ICT-production and a Technology Unit and a Development Unit. In addition to this, the organisation includes a Controller Function.

Organisational structure

Organisaatio kuvana


Palkeet's management system

Palkeet is headed by its Managing Director. Palkeet's management, development, preparatory work and coordination efforts are supported by the Service Centre's management group.

Palkeet's management is also supported by an advisory board, which steers the development of Palkeet's operations and policies and supports initiatives associated with them. The advisory board supplements Palkeet's own expertise, offers an outside perspective, and supports management in evaluating and developing strategy and business operations and in benchmarking, for example. The advisory board is appointed by the Ministry of Finance for a maximum term of four years at a time.

The objective of Palkeet's customer committee is to support the general development of the Service Centre's services from the perspective of the customer and to serve as a communication channel between Palkeet and its customers. The committee gathers information about the expectations of customer agencies and potential development areas, and processes general customer and service feedback in order to identify operations development needs.