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Easy access to expert services

Palkeet offers its clients easily accessible expert services that entail, for example, reporting services and training services. The standard services are available to all clients, based on the state administration’s instructions and principles. Extra services can be commissioned separately and the specifics are always negotiated together with the client.

Reporting services

The reporting services provide support in using Kieku’s reporting modules and writing reports. In addition, the services include reports and induction training, negotiated separately with the client.

The reporting service allows you to:

  • Transfer all reporting-related tasks to Palkeet.
  • Utilise expert support in the use of reports » you can focus on utilising reports to plan and manage your own operations.

Standard services:

  • Reporting support
  • Reporting
Analysis services

Analysis services are based on financial and HR data that can be enriched with the client’s other data. This service will consist of four modules: analyst services, self-service analytics, standard analyses and data interfaces.

The first one to become available will be the analyst service, with which Palkeet will enable the clients to utilise the know-how of its experts. Together with the client, the data analysts of Palkeet will create solutions to the client’s information needs.

Project services

Project services can be purchased as a supplementary service. The content and conditions of these services are agreed upon with a separate contract between the client and the service centre.