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Updated and versatile HR services

Palkeet provides its clients with diverse HR services for payroll, employment relationship management and recruitment process support, to name a few. The standard services are available to all clients, based on the state administration’s instructions and principles. Extra services can be commissioned separately and the specifics are always negotiated together with the client.

Hiring, and managing employment relationships

Benefits to a client

  • Developing mobile services
  • Improving the usability of the portal’s forms
  • Providing a more comprehensive service package
  • Utilising automation during different phases of the services

Standard services

  • Employment relationship management
  • Payroll services
  • Creation and management of organisational structure

Extra services

  • Time management
  • Non-statutory items collected from wages
The employee information service

The employee information service provides centralised expert support and guidance to employees. The service includes induction training, advice and instructions on matters pertaining to an employee’s employment relationship and salary. The service is intended for all who work at a government agency, receiving either a regular salary or a fee.

This is a supplementary service, which can be implemented progressively. The implementation will take 2–3 months, and its schedule is always negotiated with the client. The client agency will instruct its employees on how to use the service and the available channels for contacting Palkeet. In order to implement the supplementary service, the basic service provided for the client must be of good quality.


Benefits to a client

  • The service covers the entire process from planning the recruitment notification to creating the final report on the hiring process.
  • The client may also acquire part of the process as their preferred service.
  • The recruitment service will be designed to correspond with the client’s needs.
  • The service is negotiated flexibly for each recruitment.

Extra services

  • Recruitment service
  • Joint state notifications