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Accessible support for service users

All the support and maintenance services are available to our clients as a standard service as part of their service package. The support and maintenance services are also continuously being developed in collaboration with our clients, factoring in the needs of the clients and the possibilities provided by technical advancements and the developments in different fields. We use indicators to systematically monitor the services and their development.

User support

Expert support on how to use the systems is available to the clients via various channels. Up-to-date manuals and instructions can be found in the Kieku portal’s Instruction data bank and the system interfaces. In addition, further instructions are published on the Paletti extranet.

User rights management

Creating usernames and making changes and deletions to access rights are included in the user rights management service. Users can usually renew forgotten or expired passwords in the system and set their substitutes as a self-service.

Application control

The purpose of application control is to allow for the clients to have access to updated systems that operate reliably. The application control involves monitoring the system usability and performance, investigating any disruptions and informing the clients on these, among other things.

System version management and further development

The systems are being continuously improved, based on the clients’ needs, opportunities provided by technical advancements and the development projects of the state administration.

Alterations are primarily implemented as version updates. Amendments to laws, regulations or contracts will also cause a need to update the systems.